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Welcome to Anesthesia Planet

Welcome to Anesthesia Planet the community website for everything anesthesia. This site serves the working professional, the post-graduate researcher, high-school students interested in the field, residents, undergrads, and even operating room nurses trying to learn more about anesthesia. It provides important information, latest medical news, and continuing educational material for those involved with anesthesia. We hope it will serve as a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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American Medical Seminars

American Seminar Institute (ASI) provides accredited portable continuing education courses for medical and dental professionals. You complete your continuing education when it fits into your schedule, anywhere in the world. You choose your Topics, your Location and your Dates.


Mayo Clinic

Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development (MSCPD) has a distinguished history of teaching physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals the latest, most advanced medical and surgical practices. Mayo Clinic, in fact, has been training medical professionals from throughout the world for more than 100 years.


Welcome to the ideal site for up-to-date webinars/videos. Today, webinars are one of the leading resources for many medical and non-medical professionals striving to stay on top of key issues and advances that are impacting their industries. Here, you’ll attain access to both current and archived webinars covering crucial relevant topics, as well as, CME learning webinars. You’ll also have online access to an extensive library of educational video tutorials that can be easily accessed by PC, Mac or mobile device.


Videos of Anesthesia Related Procedures*

 Skin Prep  Ultrasound     TEE        OOPS!!!
 Oral Intubation  Glide Scope Intubation       Nasal Intubation         Fibreoptic Intubation
 IV Placement  Arterial Line Placement      Femoral Line     Mask ventilation
 Central Line  Swan Ganz  Dual Line      LMA Placement
 Regional Anesthetics      Upper Extremity  Lower Extremity  
Epidural for OB   Thoracic Epidural Lumbar Epidural  

 * (You must be registered user to view additional videos)



Glide Scope Demonstration Glide Scope demonstration





Anesthesia Planet is an all-inclusive resource available for the growing number of those in the anesthesia profession dedicated to improving patient care, benefiting communities and advancing the profession. Every volunteer must have clear objectives, and a need to serve from the heart. It will require additional time out of your already busy schedule, but the rewards you’ll receive from volunteering are enormous and will last forever. There are a growing number of volunteer opportunities available, whether you have just a few hours each month to spare, or are looking for a total commitment. Volunteers are important partners in our mission to bring people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and build community. It’s time to get involved! Reach out and make a difference in the communities we serve.

Review our volutneer category within our calandar to get involved.





A. Whether you’re an M.D., CRNA, or a first year medical student, just click here to sign up for your free membership, and begin receiving all the incredible benefits today. Q. How does the state board make sure that my credits get correctly applied? A. After successfully completing a course, we submit the amount of credits for that course to the state that you have successfully completed your coursework in. Q. I paid for my live webinar class and can’t take it right now. How long is my credit good for? A. When you pay for a live webinar or any online class, you will have six months from the date you purchased the class to begin taking it.

Q. Does the person I nominate have to be a member?

A. Anyone you feel has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the study of anesthesiology can be nominated for an award.

Q. Can an individual be re-nominated from previous years?

A. Yes, previous nominees can be re-nominated, regardless of how many times they have been a nominee or recipient of a prior award.

Q. May I submit multiple nominations?

A. Yes, you are allowed to nominate more than one individual as long as you’re nominating them in separate categories.

Q. What qualifications are needed in order to be a nominee for Award for Excellence in Research?

A. The individual’s work must demonstrate a body of innovative, mature, and continuous contribution to the advancement of the science of anesthesiology. The nominee does not have to be a physician, an anesthesiologist, or a member of ASA, but must be a current participant in research related to anesthesiology.